Completing the Premier League season in Australia is unrealistic, according to Australian former goalkeeper Mark Bosnich.

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Arsenal fans greet the team on arrival at Sydney Airport on July 11, 2017. (Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Over the weekend, we covered reports claiming Perth were offering the Premier League the chance to finish their season in Australia.

At the time, we pointed out how unreasonable this would be. There’s the time difference, players leaving their families, the hundreds or thousands of people you’d need to fly over, and the risk of bringing COVID-19 to somewhere it isn’t already prevalent.

Funnily enough, former goalkeeper Mark Bosnich gave almost exactly the same reasons as to why he doesn’t think it’ll happen.

“No, it is not realistic,” Bosnich said. “The biggest problem you have got and this will be with the federal government…no international travellers are allowed into Australian shores.

“Just say for example the federal government, the Prime Minister gives an exemption for the 20 teams. You are talking 25 players per team so that is 500 people already, probably another 100 staff, referees and so forth. You are looking at 800-850 people.

“Of the grounds that were mentioned, three of the four are cricket/AFL grounds which are very hard.

“The other thing to factor is TV times. We [Sydney] are nine hours ahead of the UK. Perth are two hours behind us so there is a seven-hour time difference.”

It’s also worth bearing in mind that a number of Premier League clubs are already opposing plans to play matches in neutral venues in the UK. Imagine how much more of a challenge it’ll be to convince them to play in Australia.

I’m all for getting creative with the ideas on how to complete the season. Sadly, this one just seems like a non-starter.