Freddie Ljungberg scored 72 goals in 317 appearances for Arsenal, and, if you want, you can watch them all here.

Freddie Ljungberg
Ljungberg (R) celebrates his strike to seal a memorable FA Cup victory over Chelsea alongside Thierry Henry. (Photo:

On Friday morning, Arsenal delighted Gooners everywhere by sacking Unai Emery and making Freddie Ljungberg interim head coach.

Freddie’s ambition is to become the permanent Arsenal head coach one day and his managerial style with the u23s would fit perfectly with the ethos of the first team that Unai Emery did his best to suffocate.

But before all this he was a player. And what a player!

After joining the Gunners in 1998, the Swede carved his name in Arsenal’s history as one of the Invincibles in the 03/04 season and will forever go down as one of the true Arsenal greats.

On the pitch, he was renowned for his finesse, class and reliability in big matches. Some of his best goals came against the likes of Juventus, Man United (on several occasions) and Liverpool.

He was the a big game, team player.

Let’s hope as a manager, he’s the same.