Arsenal u16s are taking part in the Istria Youth Cup in Croatia over the next few days, along with seven other clubs from around the world.

Stadium Lako, Novigrad, the venue of Arsenal's first match (Photo via Sebastian Kölbl)
Stadium Lako, Novigrad, the venue of Arsenal’s first match (Photo via Sebastian Kölbl)

Arsenal travelled to Croatia on Monday in preparation for their participation in an u16 tournament, along with Rangers, LA Galaxy, Udinese, Benfica, Dinamo Zagreb, RB Salzburg and Slavia Praha.

Dinamo Zagreb, Salzburg and Slavia Praha are all in Group B with Arsenal, with each team playing each other once before a round of playoffs against the teams from Group A to decide the overall rankings at the event.

Each match has two 35-minute halves, 11 players per team, and up to nine substitutions, though only three substitute breaks can occur per team in the second half – to avoid timewasting.

The Gunners have a number of exciting players at the event, with Marcelo Flores recently providing five assists in one match, Khayon Edwards scoring four in that same game, Edu Gaspar’s son Luigi involved and star midfielder Omari Hutchinson looking to impress.

Plus, some players who have featured with the u18s this season like Nathan Butler-Oyedeji and Daniel Oyegoke have joined the squad as they’re still eligible for u16 football too.

Arsenal faced RB Salzburg at 2pm BST on Tuesday, and they’ll play their next two fixtures against Slavia Praha on Wednesday and GNK Dinamo on Thursday, both also at 2pm BST. Streams will be available on this page if the games are being shown.

Full Arsenal Squad List

1. Pedro Virginia (GK) 2. Daniel Oyegoke 4. Zach Awe 5. Taylor Foran 6. Zane Monlouis 7. Nathan Butler-Oyedeji 8. Mauro Bandeira 9. William Vigar 10. Marcelo Flores 11. Khayon Edwards 12. Brooke Norton-Cuffy 13. Remy Mitchell (GK) 14. Luigi Gaspar 15. Cameron Brayne 16. Charles Sagoe Jr 17. Bradley Ibrahim 18. Omari Hutchinson

Report: Arsenal 0-1 Red Bull Salzburg

Arsenal u16 team facing RB Salzburg on 8th October 2019.
Arsenal u16 team facing RB Salzburg on 8th October 2019.

Arsenal got off to a challenging start against Salzburg, in a physical match that produced few clear-cut opportunities. The Gunners have a lot of talent in forward areas, but they struggled to get those players on the ball with much regularity.

Winger Marcelo Flores looked bright, taking players on and getting crosses in as usual, but Arsenal just couldn’t get anyone on the end of those balls in.

There was also a bit of an injury worry as Zane Monlouis limped off with the aid of two of the Arsenal medical team, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s available for the rest of the event.

Salzburg ended up taking the lead through a penalty rebound late in the game. The Gunners conceded the spot-kick through a handball, and although Virginia saved Dion Kameri’s initial effort, Kameri was on hand to turn in the rebound.

Arsenal threw players forward in a last-ditch attempt to find an equaliser but the Salzburg defenders stood firm.

Lineup: Virginia (GK), Oyegoke, Monlouis, Awe, Brayne, Norton-Cuffy, Gaspar, Hutchinson, Butler-Oyedeji, Flores, Edwards

Subs: Vigar (for Hutchinson), Ibrahim (for Gaspar), Foran (for Awe), Bandeira (for Butler-Oyedeji), Sagoe Jr (for Monlouis).

Unused: Mitchell (GK)

Group B as it stands
Group B as it stands