Bukayo Saka introduced himself to the footballing world this season and, speaking on this week’s Daily Cannon weekly podcast, host Matthew Wade extolled his virtues.

Bukayo Saka (Photo via Twitter / ArsenalAcademy)
Bukayo Saka (Photo via Twitter / ArsenalAcademy)

If you missed the 214th Daily Cannon weekly podcast this week, then you missed host, Matthew Wade, bigging up the 18-year-old, amongst a load of other things in an episode that runs to almost an hour-and-a-half, we have a small transcript for you below:

What I like about Saka is his game’s really simple. He just goes down the wing, then beats players and puts good crosses in, or comes inside and takes shots.

Basically, his game is really simple in a departure from so many players we’ve had in recent years who are all trying to make the golden magical unicorn play in the final third.

Saka’s just like, “I’m going to beat this guy and I’m going to stick this cross in to that area of the penalty area where we’ve got two players and the opposing only has one and play the percentages and I’ll do that every time, and I’m going to try to beat the fullback and do that every time. And if I’ve got a chance to come in and take a shot, then I’ll do that.”

He’s clearly got the technical ability to do a wider range of stuff but he’s pretty much just going, “ok what’s going to work?” rather than trying to play that perfect, perfect, perfect pass or shot, therefore turning down the opportunity to do either.

Saka seems to be quite willing, something he’s shown at all age groups, to go “OK, well, if there’s something which I know is a good idea I’m just going to do it until it works.”

Saka has performed well every time he’s played, even in the under 23s, who’ve had a good start to the season.

And you know, I think he only played one or two games at that level. But he’s ahead of Martinelli in terms of exposure to top level English football and consistency of performance and has earned the right to be ahead of him as an option at this stage.

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