Lille President Gerard Lopez has revealed that Nicolas Pepe opted to sign for Arsenal because he wanted to move to a club where he could make a big impact.

Nicolas Pepe via
Nicolas Pepe via

Nicolas Pepe arrived at Arsenal during the summer window for a club-record £72m. He had offers on the table from some of the biggest clubs in Europe but opted for us ahead of them all.

“There was two things he was looking for,” Lopez told Sky Sports.

“Either he was going to play Champions League right away or he was going to be part of something that could play Champions League, but was going to be big, where his impact would not only be in terms of goals, but on the club.

“There were two clubs that had that for him – Napoli and Arsenal

“Napoli playing Champions League and Arsenal one of the big big clubs in the Premier League.

“He did choose the Premier League and Arsenal because that’s where he wants to leave his mark.”

It’s safe to say that Arsenal fans are more than a little ready for him to do exactly that and. alongside Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Arsenal have an attack that’s going to be leaving its mark on the whole Premier League this season.