A few fake Adidas Arsenal kit leaks have been circulating on social media, convincing many supporters that they were genuine shirt designs.

yellow kit
Adidas bruised banana

Arsenal fans have been waiting excitedly for any pictures of the team’s new kits for next season, so perhaps it’s not a surprise that every concept design that emerges tricks at least a few people. In this case, however, there’s no debate over whether the ‘leaks’ are real.

Twitter user ‘RupertGraphic’ created a few concept kits in October 2018, with some really nice and original designs:

Later in the season, a manufacturer based in Thailand decided to take advantage and mass produce those concept kits. Twitter user ‘PrinceKp87’ was drawn in by the fakes, or perhaps he was just on a mission to trick fans into believing the kits were real, posting pictures of the shirts.

Whatever the reason for the post, it certainly had a lot of supporters believing they were looking at next season’s kit:

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the genuine release, as Adidas are clearly keeping their designs under wraps for now.

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