Arsenal’s Vivianne Miedema won the PFA Player of the Year award on Sunday evening and was then handed a trophy with her name engraved as ‘Vivienne’.

Vivianne Miedema v bristol
Arsenal Women striker Vivianne Miedema.

Getting the spelling of a name right seems like it would be a key requirement for an engraver. Having somebody check it before you hand the trophy to the winning player would also seem like a common-sense step that escaped everyone at the PFA.

On Sunday evening, as ViviAnne Miedema posed proudly with her PFA Player of the Year trophy it was clear to see that they had engraved it ‘ViviEnne’.

I mean, it’s not even like it’s a hard name to spell. Or check.

vivianne miedema pfa trophy 2
…you had one job….

vivianne miedema pfa trophyHat-tip to Matt for spotting this and bringing it to our attention.

While mistakes happen to the best of us (I should know, I’m the typo King), when your only job is carving someone’s name into a prestigious trophy, it’s not unreasonable to check that you are spelling it correctly.