Andrey Arshavin is doing his best to rival the antics of Nicklas Bendtner and I think, by stumbling drunk from a strip club before getting on a horse, he might just be in the lead.

arshavin on a horse
Arshavin, drunk on a horse

Nicklas Bendtner was, of course, recently sentenced to prison time for assaulting a taxi driver, so he won’t be thinking of trying to outdo his former teammate anytime soon. And this little jaunt didn’t land Andrey in any trouble with the law, although they did turn up. They went away again when he reassured them he’d sort out the horse’s owner’s complaint.

So what happened? Well, pretty much what I said up top.

Some of the papers, including The S*n (shocker) are trying to make this about the women he was with, but we aren’t interested in any of that.

For us, it’s all about the horse.

Problems seemed to arise when Arshavin rode the horse without paying the owner, however, when the police arrived at the scene, Arshavin told them would take care of things and that’s what he did.

arshavin and police

Arshavin hung up his playing boots recently and is expected to head a new academy at Zenit Saint Petersburg.