Mauricio Pochettino has turned himself into a living breathing meme as he discussed being linked with a move to Real Madrid.

The Tottenham manager has been linked with the Spaniards for a while. His response to the latest line of questioning following on from Real Madrid sacking Julen Loptegui was fascinating for a number of reasons.

“It is like you are with your girlfriend or wife and you are holding hands, walking down Oxford Street,” Pochettino said. “But because you are so handsome, another woman is looking at you. But your wife is so proud and, rather than worrying, she is so happy to be with you and falls more in love with you.”

You know the meme he’s recreating here, don’t you?


When I read the headline, before I read the full quote, something else came to mind – Arsene Wenger’s quote about everyone thinking they have the prettiest wife at home. I couldn’t help but think those two statements sum up the main difference between the character of the two men.

Arsene Wenger 'Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home'
Arsene Wenger ‘Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home’

One has loyalty and sees what he already has as the best. The other is quite clearly looking around for something better because he thinks he’s so amazing, others just can’t help themselves.

I guess you can be that arrogant when you’ve won a grand total of zero trophies in 10 years as a manager.

Pochettino has won Premier League Manager of the Month four times out of the 50 he could have won during his time in England, so there is that, I guess.