Residents are urging Brent Council to reject Tottenham Hotspur’s application to continue playing matches at Wembley next year, as they grow ‘furious’ at Spurs overstaying their welcome.

According to Tuesday’s Daily Mail, locals are arguing that Tottenham’s continued presence at Wembley Stadium has already caused them ‘significant inconvenience’.

They call the latest application for more matches ‘insidious’ and ‘not reasonable’, and they accuse Tottenham fans of showing ‘no consideration’ to local residents. Spurs fans reportedly block driveways and are ‘noisy and inebriated’ in surrounding streets.

Understandably those residents don’t want up to another 17 matches of that between January and May.

Tottenham are asking for 10 matches in front of a 62,000 capacity crowd and seven at full 90,000 capacity. If their plans are unsuccessful, they’d be capped at 51,000 for the season.

The new Tottenham stadium situation is becoming a bit of a farce. Most recently they got a warning from the Advertising Standards Agency after it started to look like their advert claiming the ground would be ‘the only place to watch UEFA Champions League in London’ would turn out to be false.

Spurs have to progress to the knockout stages and remain in the competition until the latter stages to make that come true now, and that’s if the stadium opens at all this campaign. At this stage, who knows if that will even happen?