If you’re an old fart like me that misses some of the quirks that used to permeate football, then Daniel Gray’s book, Black Boots & Football Pinks: 50 lost wonders of the beautiful game, is one for you.

Although only a short book, it is packed full of memories that those of a certain age will instantly recall and pine for a little.

It is a walk through football before it became ‘modern’, a time when goalkeepers might be found in trousers and a hat and stands had huts on top of them.

Chapters include multiple cup replays, spontaneous atmosphere, proper division names, black boots, ramshackle dugouts, disorganised warm-ups, knowing the names of grounds, goalkeepers in trousers and hats, local shin and hoarding sponsors, football Pinks, queuing for tickets, big man/little man up front and much, much more.

Black Boots & Football Pinks
Black Boots & Football Pinks

Order your copy today (and if you order through this link, we’ll get a few pennies that will help go towards the running of the site).

Black Boots & Football Pinks
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A great book that would make an excellent present for the older football fan in your life or for a younger one who wants to learn what the game used to be like before the Premier Leaguereview-black-boots-football-pinks-50-lost-wonders-of-the-beautiful-game