Alex Iwobi sent a message to all the Nigerian Arsenal fans for their Independence Day on Monday.

Speaking through the official Arsenal Twitter account, Iwobi wished Nigerian supporters well in their Independence Day celebrations.

“Happy Independence Day Nigeria from your boy big 17,” he said. “Well, Nigeria big 18. So yeah, salute!”

As always, it’s great to see Arsenal showing an awareness of all the different cultures and nationalities at the club. They rarely miss the chance to give well wishes to those celebrating a religious holiday, or a country’s independence day, and so on.

It’s a reminder of just how big the club has grown, and how many followers Arsenal have around the world. Nigerian fans are probably particularly pleased with how things are going for Iwobi at the moment.

Despite not getting credit in the goal or assist tallies, the 22-year-old has been heavily involved in four of Arsenal’s last five goals.

He won the corner for Welbeck’s first goal against Brentford, played Monreal in behind to set up the second, forced an own goal with his cross against Watford, and linked up nicely with Lacazette before the Frenchman played in Özil in the same game. Add to that his goal and two assists so far, and he’s having a good start to the season.

No better time for the forward to show he hasn’t forgotten the support from his countrymen on their big day.