Arsenal’s Twitter admin won the affection of the fans on Monday with a great comeback to a cheeky Chelsea fan’s tweet.

Mesut Özil celebrated his birthday on Monday, with Arsenal taking the opportunity to post clips of some of his best moments with the club. One of those clips was his memorable Champions League goal against Ludogorets, which is always worth another watch:

One Chelsea fan thought he’d try to be funny, jokingly responding that he’d never seen Özil play against his team. Jokes about the German disappearing are still really funny in 2018, after all.

Unfortunately for him, Arsenal came back with a very simple response:

Arsenal fans certainly enjoyed the reply, showering the admin with praise in the replies:

It’s all reminiscent of that one journalist who spent a few days complaining because the admin dared to highlight his ‘combined XI’ article.

For those who don’t recall, the Arsenal-Spurs combined XI was made up entirely of Spurs players, which was a bit embarrassing considering Arsenal then won the match between the two a few days later. Arsenal then replied to the article with a GIF of Özil sipping tea.

Rather than admitting defeat or coming up with a comeback of his own, the journalist just started whining about how unfair on him it all was.

It’s good to see Arsenal haven’t been put off getting involved in the banter by that incident.