Arsenal have sent a warning to fans planning to attend Thursday’s Europa League clash in Lisbon, the Gunners’ third group game in the competition.

Before every European away game, Arsenal send out a briefing pack to fans planning to attend. It contains information about the area, how to get to the match and so on. Ahead of Thursday’s game though, they also included a warning over one place to avoid on matchday.

According to the advice, there’s an area known as Campo Grande, also a Metro station, which fans should avoid. The Police will reportedly not guarantee supporters’ safety if they get off at this station. Those following Arsenal to Lisbon are told to avoid the area “at all costs”.

Metro information via Arsenal
Metro information via Arsenal

Sporting fans on Reddit argue that the advice is a little over the top. One wrote: “It seems a bit exaggerated. I feel that as long as you don’t go there throwing insults or singing Arsenal chants, you’re perfectly safe!”

Another added: “Totally fine if you’re a regular supporter. I highly advise to keep away from the area if you’re an ultra or out to start trouble, but then again you wouldn’t ask on here if you were.”

Of course, it’s always better to play it safe when you’re in a new city attending an away match. You’re going to be in the minority, so it’s best not to start any trouble.

Hopefully, it should be an enjoyable experience for those attending though. Arsenal are on a great run of form, but this promises to be one of their biggest tests yet. With a likely attendance of over 50,000 fans, the Gunners have their work cut out to get an eleventh consecutive victory.

The rewards could be great if they manage it though. Two wins in Arsenal’s next two games and they’ll assure qualification to the knockout stages and almost certainly also secure top spot with two matches to spare. Let’s hope Emery’s side are up to the task.