Arsene Wenger says he hasn’t made the decision to retire just yet, but he doesn’t know whether we’ll see him manage again in the future.

Wenger was speaking to L’Ést Républicain, at an exhibition match in honour of Michel Platini’s father, Aldo, who gave the former Arsenal boss his first chance at football coaching.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the interviewer to ask Wenger whether he was missing coaching. The 68-year-old insisted he’s not in any rush to make a decision though.

“To be honest, for the moment, I have not really thought about that,” he said. “I fixed myself something whereby in the first few months I would not take any decisions. So I have not been too worried with that. It is not even going through my head.

“I am not retired. If I was, I would have been for a long time. I will be 69 in October.”

When asked specifically whether we could see him manage again, Wenger insisted he’s not sure yet, saying only: “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

It would be a shame if we never saw Wenger on the touchline again, but at the same time it must be tough to start something new after so long at Arsenal.

Whatever job he took next, how could it match up to 22 years in North London building stadiums and winning the league unbeaten and becoming the most successful FA Cup winning manager in history? It’s a near impossible task.

Hopefully Wenger finds the right job to keep his love for football going without that sort of expectation on his shoulders.