Arsenal fans have urged the club to take away tickets from season ticket holders who regularly fail to turn up for matches.

According to an article in the Telegraph’s Sport section on Saturday, two-thirds of fans surveyed by The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust believe that the club should remove season tickets from holders who regularly leave their seats empty.

“If someone is only using the ticket a few times a year, then they should be warned, and after that they should lose their priority for the next season,” AST spokesperson Tim Payton said.

In all honesty, that seems like the only fair thing to do. Arsenal have a season ticket waiting list that could fill the whole stadium over again, and then add even more fans on top of that.

Of course, not all of those supporters will actually take the tickets up if they get the chance. However, you’d imagine there’d be enough to replace the few thousand who think it’s okay to only turn up if the Gunners face a big-six side.

Arsenal’s attitude to the situation is apparently to just let it be. They clearly aren’t keen to anger customers that are paying them money, so they refuse to take a risk.

The rewards could be great though, in financial terms. Regular attendance portrays the club in a better light to potential sponsors. It undoubtedly helps the team on the pitch, which could in turn lead to higher league finishes, more trophies, or the return of Champions League football. Any of those things would bring more money in.

I’m afraid I have no sympathy for those not turning up, who might lose their tickets. As a season ticket holder myself, with family who also hold tickets whilst working busy jobs sometimes far away from London, I know for certain it’s always possible to fill the seats. It’s just about your willingness to do so.