Drink driving, sex tapes, and bending the rules of the game. It’s been quite the 2018 for Tottenham, their players, and supporters, but would any other club get away with this much scandal?

Hugo Lloris is sorry, Dele Alli is probably secretly chuffed, Christian Eriksen is refusing to sign while Daniel Levy is furious. For the rest of football, however, we’re all wondering how one club manages to remain the media’s darling despite a series of scandals that would see many others castigated relentlessly.

They are, of course, scandals of varying degrees of seriousness. You cannot compare being arrested for drunk driving with the leak of a sex tape but the collective value of everything that has happened at Tottenham this calendar year should result in significant pressure from the media to sort their sh*t out.

In case you’ve forgotten what Spurs have been up to in 2018 off the pitch, let’s recap some of the events and milestones the media don’t seem that bothered about

7Club captain arrested for drink driving

Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur at the Etihad Stadium on January 21, 2017 in Manchester, England.

Someone who is meant to lead by example, there is simply no excuse for anyone caught drink-driving these days. We know how stupid it is and every offence should come with a compulsory, lengthy ban from driving.

Mauricio Pochettino was said to be ‘very, very angry’ with his captain but not angry enough to strip of that honour for Spurs next match.

No editorials followed demanding Spurs make an example of him.

Media outage rating 3/10