The draw for the next round of the Carabao Cup will feature two women and no men when it airs live on Quest tonight (Saturday) at 9pm.

Carabao are reportedly ‘on a mission’ to appeal to female fans as well as male, realising that both are capable of drinking their product and not just people with a penis. That’s a dig at the rest of the world, not Carabao as any initiatives to help involve women in the game more are to be applauded.

Arsenal’s Rachel Yankey will join TV and Countdown presenter, Rachel Riley, a Manchester United supporter, to make the draw in what is a first for the competition.

rachel yankey

Simon Downing, Quest’s Head of Channel, said: “We are thrilled to be broadcasting the Round Four draw live. The Carabao Cup is a great competition and as it enters the Last 16, I’m sure there’ll be some really exciting match-ups which we’ll look forward to showing highlights of on ‘Carabao Cup on Quest’.”

Rachel Hildyard, Senior Brand Manager at Carabao Energy Drink, said: “The Round Four Draw is always an exciting one, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to fans this time round with Riley and Yankey, both of whom really capture the essence of what we’re trying to achieve more broadly as a major football sponsor.

“This is the first time the Carabao Cup draw is being conducted by women, and as such, we continue our on-going ambition as a challenger brand in our sector to approach things differently – particularly in football.”

Carabao also launched the We Are Female Fans campaign earlier this year while supporting This Fan Girl, a campaign to change stereotypical search engine images of female football fans.

The next step will be to find some women not called ‘Rachel’.

I kid, I kid.