Santi Cazorla looks to be slowly getting back to his best on the football pitch, and he performed impressively for Villarreal in a 0-0 draw against Sevilla at the weekend.

Cazorla was making his second appearance of the season back with his old club, and managed 79 minutes, his longest spell on the pitch since returning from injury.

After such a long time out, there were obviously concerns about whether the midfielder would ever be able to play the same way that he used to. From the looks of things, Cazorla is ready to prove any doubters wrong, as there were signs of his usual magic on the ball from the first few minutes.

Check out his full individual highlights below:

For all Arsenal fans, it’s great to see Cazorla showing what he can do once again, even if it can’t be in North London anymore. With the injuries he’s had to overcome to get this far, he deserves another chance in a top league.

Hopefully he can continue to stay fit and make progress, and have a positive first season with his new club. Good luck Santi!