Takuma Asano’s struggles to obtain a work permit to play for Arsenal are likely to continue, after FIFA released their updated world rankings on Thursday.

The main method of getting a work permit to play in the U.K. is by applying for a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) with the FA. Without that endorsement, the Home Office won’t consider you for a permit.

To be eligible for a GBE, you have to have played a certain percentage of your country’s international matches over the past two years, depending on where your country stands in the world rankings:

  • FIFA ranking 1-10: 30% and above
  • FIFA ranking 11-20: 45% and above
  • FIFA ranking 21-30: 60% and above
  • FIFA ranking 31-50: 75% and above

Unfortunately for Asano, the latest rankings put Japan at 55th. That means even if he manages to reach 75%, he’ll still fall outside the boundaries. That’s unless Japan can make it up into the top 50 during the next year, but realistically the World Cup was their best chance for a boost.

There’s an appeals process for those who are ineligible, based on the player’s experience and value, but Asano would really have to have an amazing season to qualify on that basis. After his struggles last campaign, the forward’s value isn’t exactly sky-high right now.

We can still hope for the best, and Asano’s pre-season form suggests he could be finding his feet at last. Let’s wait and see what happens this year.

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