Premier League referee, Bobby Madley, has quit football to move to Norway with his partner.

The Daily Telegraph report that his fellow officials were shocked when they learned that Madley, who had made the FIFA referees list in 2017, was no longer employed by PGMOL.

It is unlikely that football fans will miss him despite the Telegraph calling him ‘one of the rising stars among the league’s officials.’

Still only 32, Madley was viewed quite differently among Premier League fans, however, and that might have played a role in his decision to quit.

In a statement, PGMOL said: “Bobby Madley is no longer employed by PGMOL. We understand that he has decided to relocate due to a change in his personal circumstances.”

As I write this, I have to be honest – I’m not entirely sure why I don’t rate Madley as a ref. Maybe it’s just his face.

The S*n

He’s a referee who doesn’t seem to do much wrong – at least not with big calls – but my gut just growls at the thought of him. ‘Hapless’ is the first word that springs to mind.

Regardless, it’s unlikely he will be missed from the game and that is perhaps the biggest indictment of all.