AC Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni has confirmed that the club are in talks and making progress over the appointment of Umberto Gandini and Ivan Gazidis as their new CEOs.

Speaking to the press, Scaroni answered questions on how Milan’s plan to recruit the duo for the club’s top jobs is going.

“Progress has been made, but we are not yet in the final decision,” he said. “I think we’ll get there in a few weeks, until then I’ll be very busy doing the best for Milan. Then I always think of taking a step back and having a person who can devote himself full time to Milan.”

Last month, Arsenal released a statement on the subject of Gazidis’ continued employment at the club, but said next to nothing to confirm whether the 53-year-old would actually stick around.

The club spoke vaguely about being “aware of the speculation” and pointed to how he had never previously accepted outside offers (obviously, if he had he wouldn’t still be at Arsenal). The fact they didn’t deny the possibility of a departure to Milan outright, just makes it seem more likely to actually happen.

It certainly seems like we’re getting closer to an answer as to whether Gazidis is leaving, one way or another. It’d be nice not to have to make more changes behind the scenes, considering how many we’ve already had this year, so hopefully the Arsenal chief sticks around.

Clearly Gazidis’ stock is starting to rise, probably as a result of the positive way the departure of the club’s former boss has been handled so far. Perhaps he’s considering quitting while he’s ahead, because it could yet all go wrong. We’ll see what happens.

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