Stan Kroenke doesn’t plan to get rid of Ivan Gazidis, or any other members of the Arsenal board, despite his reported agreement to takeover the club.

That’s according to his offer document to purchase the remaining shares in the club and assume 100% ownership of it. The document states the Kroenkes have “no intention to change the composition of the Arsenal board as a result of the offer”.

Gazidis has been strongly linked with a move away from Arsenal in recent weeks, and most recently he reportedly informed the club hierarchy that he’s considering leaving the club for Milan, and plans to finalise a deal after the end of the transfer window.

From the sounds of things though, that’s entirely his decision to make, rather than one being imposed on him by Kroenke. It would certainly be a strange decision, after Gazidis spent so much time restructuring the club for a new era after Arsene Wenger.

Clearly Gazidis’ stock is starting to rise though, probably as a result of the positive way the departure of the club’s former boss has been handled so far. Perhaps he’s considering quitting while he’s ahead, because it could yet all go wrong.

We’ll see if he decides to take on a new challenge, or stick with Arsenal through their transition period.

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