Hector Bellerin has hit out at Pier Morgan’s son Spencer over an inaccurate article the journalist wrote for the Daily Mail on Thursday.

Morgan Jr. wrote an article about Bellerin splashing out on a £25,000 painting of himself, but it turns out that was a total misrepresentation of the facts. The Arsenal full-back personally responded on Twitter to explain that the painting was a gift from the artist, and that he didn’t pay anything for it.

Mainstream media love to portray Bellerin as self-involved and pretentious, and this fabricated story perfectly fit the bill to keep that facade going. Unsurprisingly, the Mail immediately backtracked after Hector’s tweet, and the headline now reads very differently:

New Headline
Daily Mail

It makes you wonder where the Mail got the information about the “£25,000 painting” in the first place. Clearly it wasn’t from Bellerin’s entourage or the artist himself, as both parties would easily be able to clear up that it was a gift.

What seems most likely is that the Mail saw the pictures and then just made up a story around them. They probably didn’t count on Bellerin publicly calling them out. We’re not going to find out the truth of the matter from the Mail either way though, that’s for sure.