Arsenal fans are less than happy about a ‘disrespectful’ BBC tweet headlining an article about Arsene Wenger on Friday.

In one of the feel-good stories of the week, Wenger was awarded Liberia’s highest honour by President George Weah, receiving a medal in front of thousands of spectators and hearing deserved praise from Weah and other speakers at the event.

Apparently that didn’t make a good headline for BBC Africa though, who went with “Arsenal’s ex-coach Arsene Wenger finally wins a medal, thanks to Liberia’s President George Weah”.

Not only was the tweet particularly disrespectful to someone who has given pretty much his entire life to football and advancing the careers of others, regardless of race and nationality, but it was also complete inaccurate, as Arsenal fans pointed out.

Others pointed out how classless the attempt to boost traffic was, given the history of the story.

You expect this sort of story from the publications that rely on advertising income more, but the BBC really shouldn’t need to resort to such tactics for clicks.

It’s good to see that Arsenal fans are all banding together to stand up for their former coach against this sort of nonsense, at least. Wenger may have split opinion towards the end of his time at the club, but now that it’s over, any real supporter of the Gunners can appreciate the massive impact he had in North London and across the world.