AFTV Media, previously ‘ArsenalFanTV’, have come under fire for seemingly employing a Manchester United fan to run their Twitter account over the weekend.

AFTV have always been a particularly divisive part of the Arsenal fanbase. For some, they provide an opportunity for your average supporter to have a public say on their club. For others, they’re all about making money off Arsenal fan outrage, appealing to supporters of rival clubs who want to mock the Gunners.

Unfortunately, the activity on their Twitter account at the weekend definitely seemed to fall into the latter category. Manchester United fan Elliott (who has since changed his username on Twitter) admitted to running the account during the Chelsea match, and posting some tweets seemingly just to ruffle Arsenal fan feathers.

Twitter user “@SheWore” picked up on the fact that Elliott is the Social Community Manager at Frisson Creative Agency, an agency which freely admits to working with Arsenal Fan TV.

The United fan then confirmed the rumours himself on his Twitter account:

You’d hope that an Arsenal fan channel would at least have an Arsenal fan running their social media. Sadly, it seems they’re more interested in keeping their community engagement high and bringing in cash.