Lukas Podolski has become the latest German player to deny Mesut Ozil’s claim of racism within the German national camp, falling foul of the ‘if I didn’t experience it, it doesn’t exist’ line of thinking.

“People from the outside are trying to bring in things that are just not right after the unfortunate World Cup. (…).,” Podolski told Der Spiegel. “Racism has nothing to do with it, and it did not exist with us in all the years that I was there.”

It is quite remarkable how many people think that just because they personally don’t see or experience some form of discrimination then it can’t possibly exist.

Podolski is clearly unaware of what Mesut Ozil was feeling and seems to have no intention of finding out. He is not fine-tuned to pick up the subtly that bigots use and seems to have no intention of sorting his radar. Podolski probably isn’t even aware he needs to because being a German-Pole is very different to being a German-Turk.

Even Reinhard Grindel, the man at the centre of Ozil’s racism claims has admitted there was a problem and he should have done more to protect the Arsenal midfielder.

Also speaking this weekend, Ilkay Gundogan, who apologised immediately after meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and was therefore spared the wrath of the German media, told Funke Sport, “Was the affair racially motivated? You’re telling me! Is it not racism when a German politician writes on Facebook: ‘The German national football team: 25 Germans and two goat f***ers?'”.

But sure, there was no problem, eh, Poldi?

When someone tells you they are suffering discrimination, try listening to them instead of applying your own experience which is most likely not relevant in the slightest unless you hail from the same group.