Yacine Adli has spoken out against reports of a ‘change of heart’ on his Arsenal move, taking to Instagram to refute media claims.

Originally Loic Tanzi of RMC reported that there was a “new twist” in the Adli situation. The PSG midfielder supposedly signed for Arsenal previously, according to the French outlet’s previous information. However, Tanzi wrote that the player could go back on his decision, despite being in London at present.

GFFN described the situation as a “dramatic change of heart”. From the looks of things though, they’re all getting ahead of themselves. Adli posted a message on Instagram saying “you have no idea what you’re on about” with a location tag showing he’s still in France.

The cryptic message doesn’t fully explain the situation, unfortunately. It’s clear the 17-year-old wasn’t in London, so that part of the original claims was nonsense. It’s unclear whether he also meant to debunk the part about having a change of heart on Arsenal though.

What it does do, is undermine the reliability of the RMC journalist on the matter. It looks like we’ll have to go elsewhere to find out exactly what’s going on.

It wouldn’t be an Arsenal transfer without a drawn-out saga surrounding it.