Jack Wilshere has hinted at the possibility of an Arsenal exit this summer in a post on Instagram, as talks over a contract extension draw nearer to their conclusion.

On Wednesday Wilshere posted the cryptic message, stating that “there comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book”.

Of course, we’ve known he’s had to make the decision between those two options for many months now, so on the surface this is nothing new. On the other hand, the fact he’s taking the time to post something like this suggests he could be preparing the fans for an exit announcement.

If he were edging closer to a new deal with Arsenal, you’d think he’d be trying to keep the fans on side. He’d be talking about his love for the club, or his hopes that he’d be signing soon. Instead he’s choosing to post messages that imply he’s at least strongly considering leaving.

Being cynical, it could all be a publicity stunt set up by his agent to try and force more money out of Arsenal. Post about the possibility of leaving, watch the fans beg for him to stay, leave it up to the club whether they’re willing to pay the money to keep supporters happy.

If that’s the case, it hasn’t really worked out very well. Most Arsenal fans are just annoyed the situation is dragging out and turning into a bit of a soap opera.

I think we’d all just like some closure now, and the majority of us don’t care which way it goes anymore.