Richard Keys claims Thierry Henry missed Arsene Wenger’s final match as manager at the Emirates Stadium because he didn’t get the job to replace his former boss.

On the day of Wenger’s farewell, Henry was up in Manchester for the match between City and Huddersfield. It was certainly a strange choice, given that was probably the least interesting game of the day.

Chelsea played Liverpool later on in a key match to decide the top four, which was the big game in terms of the Premier League final standings. Then Arsenal’s match was similarly important in terms of the race for the Europa League automatic qualification spot.

More significantly though, it should’ve held a great deal of sentimental value to Henry, given it was Wenger’s last game with Arsenal at the stadium. Keys thinks he knows why the striker chose not to attend:

Personally, I don’t think the manager job has much to do with it. I think Henry just didn’t question Sky when they asked him to work the City game. They probably told him they needed him on TV to pay tribute to Wenger, and he accepted it.

Still, if I were in his shoes, I’d ask for the time off. Alternatively, I’d suggest going to the Arsenal game as their in-stadium correspondent. I don’t buy into the conspiracies about the malicious reasoning behind his absence, but it was just a bit thoughtless.