David Ornstein says he understands Arsene Wenger was the one who made the decision to leave the club this summer, not the Arsenal board, despite recent reports to the contrary.

For some reason, the question of whether Wenger left by choice or not has become one of massive importance, at least to certain parts of the Arsenal fanbase.

On Wednesday morning it seemed like we finally had confirmation that the board pushed the manager out the door, when he told his press conference “the timing was not really my decision”.

However, later in the day Arsenal and David Ornstein clarified that the manager meant the timing of the announcement, not the timing of his departure. Arsene Wenger also insisted that although it wasn’t his decision, the timing of the announcement was right.

Today, Ornstein added to his Twitter comments, telling BBC Radio 4:

“It’s my understanding that Arsene Wenger is the one who made the decision, because he felt it’s the right time [to step down].”

None of this should really matter. Wenger did a fantastic job for this club for many years, he clearly couldn’t get his team to a good enough level this season, so he left. Whether he made that decision or someone else did is irrelevant.

I suppose the only reason some people care is they’ve grown so used to spending their days twisting the truth to assassinate Wenger’s character, they don’t really know how to do anything else. Perhaps we should just leave them to it and move on.