Former Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud, who moved across London to join Chelsea in January, now claims he joined the best club in England.

Giroud said the decision to move wasn’t a tough one for him, and that his chapter with Arsenal is now over. Perhaps in an attempt to endear himself further to his new fans, he then made the comments about Chelsea’s status in England.

“When I had the opportunity to join Chelsea and stay in the Premier League, it was easy,” he said (via The S*n). “That Arsenal page is finished now and it’s a new chapter for my career.

“I am at the best club in England in recent years because Chelsea have won more trophies than anyone else. Chelsea are a massive club and we want to challenge for the title every single year.”

The words might win him some favour with Blues fans, but it’s unlikely to go down well in North London.

Most Arsenal fans accept that it wasn’t completely Giroud’s choice to leave. The club were signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and pushing the Frenchman down the pecking order once again. Alexandre Lacazette had already taken his starting XI spot in the summer.

Plus, it’s not like the 31-year-old is setting the world alight at his new club. He has three goals in 11 appearances, no more than Aubameyang, Lacazette or Welbeck. He made a bright start for Chelsea, but now he’s mostly back in his role on the bench. Even if he did make a positive impact by scoring twice on Saturday.

As a result, he’s not getting the same kind of hate as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or Alexis Sanchez. Keep talking about how much better Chelsea are than Arsenal and I’m sure that’ll change though.