According to the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph on Tuesday morning, Arsenal will restrict any spending under a new manager to £50m unless he generates more cash from sales in what seems an unlikely story.

Sami Mokbel and Jeremy Wilson both write that after spending big in the last few windows, Arsenal will only let their new manager buy one big player. A centreback believed to be the priority without using their unibet bonus.

Arsenal, apparently, want a manager who can extract the maximum from this squad with minimal spending which is the exact opposite of how all other clubs tend to deal with the arrival of a new manager.

daily telegraph 24 april 2018 arsenal spending
Daily Telegraph 24 April 2018

The club also reportedly want a manager who has ‘high standards of discipline’ after what they believe was Arsene Wenger’s soft approach.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if you’ve been watching Arsenal, which any potential new manager will have been doing, one centre-back is not going to cut it.

£50m isn’t going to do it either.

Arsenal need at least one midfielder and two centrebacks, never mind a back-up right-back – and that’s just the bare minimum they need to address the glaring problems in the squad.

What top manager is going to say ‘yes’ to any of this?

daily mail 24 april 2018 arsenal spending new manager new coaches
Daily Mail 24 April 2018

What sense does any of this make when you consider that £50m only buys you a £20m player these days?

None, that’s what, and I don’t believe it for a minute.

That being said, sales would also generate additional revenue for the new manager and there are plenty of players who could be sold, that’s for sure.

How much they would generate, however, is another thing entirely.

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