Aaron Ramsey scored again and another famous person, this time Eric Bristow, dropped dead unexpectedly, leading to people to ponder the Welshman’s alleged death curse once again, but how many celebrities have actually died when Ramsey hit the back of the net?

Ramsey has scored 57 goals for Arsenal, his first coming against Fenerbahce on 21 October, 2008.

In that time, 12 celebrities or sporting personalities died on the day he scored and seven went the next day.

Of those 19, there are quite a few I’ve never heard of.

Celebrities who died the day Ramsey scored:

  1. Whitney Houston, singer (v Sunderland)
  2. Ken Norton, boxer (v Marseille)
  3. Paul Walker, actor (v Cardiff)
  4. Rubin Carter, boxer (v Hull City)
  5. Mary Ann Mobley, actor (v Galatasaray)
  6. Angus Scrimm, actor (v Sunderland)
  7. Sylvester Potts, singer (v Preston NE)
  8. Jim Bunning, althlete & politician (v Chelsea)
  9. Gregg Allman, musician (v Chelsea)
  10. Yosral Kristal, oldest living Holocaust survivor (v Leicester)
  11. Scott Putesky, musician (v Everton)
  12. Eric Bristow (v CSKA Moscow)

I don’t know about you, but from that list, I knew or heard of four of those before they died. If you dig deep anough, you can find any sort of dead celebrity to back up curse claims. If we just look at major names, Ramsey has 57 goals and three celebrities.

Celebrities who died the day after:

This list has a few better-known names than the one above:

  1. Robin Williams (v Man City)
  2. Richard Attenborough (v Everton)
  3. Alan Rickman (v Liverpool)
  4. Rene Angelil, music producer, Celine Dion’s husband (v Liverpool)
  5. Nancy Reagan, actress, wife of Ronald Reagan (v Spurs)
  6. Al Jarreau, singer (v Lincoln City)
  7. John Mahoney, actor (v Everton)

As you can see from the lists above, this is all certainly a case of selective memory. People remember when a celebrity dies after Ramsey scores but fail to notice all the times that doesn’t happen.

In total, of the 57 times Ramsey has scored, nine major celebrities have died on the day of the goal or within 24 hours.

No doubt if you did it for any other player you would find similar results.