Jack Wilshere is no closer to signing a new deal, so after Arsene Wenger saying it would be sorted months ago, what’s the problem?

Back in December, Wenger said that Jack’s new deal would be sorted out before January.

Then January rolled around and he said it would be the end of the month. Then that came and went as did February.

Now we’re in March and Jack’s deal expires in 16 weeks and the player says we are no closer to a deal while the manager wants him to sign what’s on the table.

The problem, it seems, is that Arsenal are asking Jack to take a 20% paycut in his basic salary with incentives based around his game time making up the shortfall.

You can understand why the club would want to take this route. They have invested a lot in Jack’s salary over the years only to have to pay it out and get nothing in return.

You can also understand Jack’s frustration, to a degree. He believes he is worth more than the £90k basic he is being offered.

But Jack must also realise how Arsenal have stood by him when many others would have dumped his broken legs on the pavement.

That being said, I’ve no idea which end of the deal is causing the main problem but from what has been said so far it seems like Jack is not happy with what is on offer and Arsenal aren’t moving.

Just last month Wenger urged him to sign the deal that was on the table but it seems like that is not an option any more.

“Things have changed since then,” Wilshere replied when asked about Wenger’s comments above.

“All I can tell you is that we are no closer to sorting anything out.”

What those things are that have changed is all speculation at this point. The manager’s future? Another offer from another club? His role in the squad? All of those? None of them?

Who knows. What we do know, however, is something is wrong.