The Times’ Henry Winter believes that if Arsene Wenger loves Arsenal, he’ll stand down as manager.

Wenger undoubtedly loves Arsenal. He’s been at the club for 22 years. But this season is somehow worse than last and fans have fallen out of love with him.

On Sunday, after Arsenal lost 2-1 away to Brighton, Henry Winter tweeted that if Wenger really does love the club he should leave because now he’s just dragging it down.

I couldn’t agree more. Wenger always said that if he felt he wasn’t helping or was hindering Arsenal in any way, he would stand down as manager. The problem is, that’s hard to do when you genuinely don’t believe you’re doing anything wrong.

Now, it’s impossible not to see that the 68-year-old simply isn’t the right man for the job any more. He hasn’t been for a long time but I think his love of Arsenal has blinded him almost. He always thinks he can turn it around because he has before. He seems to be struggling to come to terms with the fact that this time it’s different but even he must see it.

Arsenal have broken their transfer record twice in the last year, yet the team are looking less motivated than ever. Although the players need to shoulder their share of responsibility, there’s only one man to blame.

As Winter says, if Wenger really cares about the club – and I truly believe he does – he needs to realise that there’s no coming back from this. It’s over.