Stewart Robson thinks Jack Wilshere should only stay at Arsenal if Chelsea manager Antonio Conte takes over from Arsene Wenger.

In recent weeks, Jack Wilshere’s contract negotiations have become a bigger talking point as he continues to stall on a new deal. In fact, the most recent reports suggest the midfielder plans to leave unless Arsenal increase their offer.

Robson told talkSPORT he thinks it would be best if the 26-year-old does move on, unless Wenger leaves and Conte joins in his place. The former Arsenal man believes Wilshere needs a different manager to really push on.

“I don’t think he should stay,” he said. “If a new manager came in, and I’ve been championing Antonio Conte because he’s obviously going to leave Chelsea and I think he would be the ideal fit for Arsenal and give the team discipline. If that were to happen, I’d want Jack Wilshere to stay.

“But at the moment he’s got to still be learning the game. The reason he hasn’t produced the sort of form he should have done over the years is because he’s had no guidance.”

It’s true that Wilshere needs to improve his discipline if he wants to reach his potential. At the moment, he tends to neglect certain aspects of the team’s performance. For example shielding the back line, or helping the defenders build out from the back.

Honestly though, I think that’s just as much on him as it is on his manager. In recent matches I’ve noticed other players telling Wilshere what he needs to do, and he doesn’t tend to listen.

When Bellerin was struggling to play out from the back against Östersunds FK, he gestured to Wilshere to make an option. Instead the midfielder just pointed to other players the Spaniard could pass to. If he already knows what to do and just chooses not to, I’m not sure how Conte could help.

People need to stop making excuses for the England international and let him take responsibility himself.