I don’t normally watch rugby, but as Ireland were going for the Grand Slam against England, I thought I’d put it on, for a while at least.

Imagine, then, my surprise when a decision went to the video ref and it took a few minutes for them to make a decision on the best course of action.

During that time the ref made everything perfectly clear – what he was checking, what he was being told, what his decision was and why he made that decision – and do you know what the crowd did while the officials got together to make the right call? They waited without booing or moaning or crying about how the delay was ruining the game.

Because do you know what ruins games? Wrong calls that change matches, not having to wait 120 seconds for a decision.

At the Spurs match on Saturday, VAR was called into action once again.

The linesman had flagged Son offside for his goal against Swansea and the decision went to the video ref.

Son was, perhaps, one centimetre offside and, despite the directive to give the benefit to the attacking player, the decision to rule the goal out stood because, technically, he was offside and the official got the call right, now matter how much luck he might have used.

But speaking after the game Mauricio Pochettino wasn’t impressed and added to his long list of weird comments that would see other managers castigated but for which he seems to get a free pass.

“I think I prefer it when the ref and assistant make mistakes than to wait three or four minutes for things,” the Spurs manager told the press after the game in a way only the manager of a side who frequently benefits from bad decisions could. And it wasn’t even close to ‘three or four minutes’.

Let’s not forget, this is a manager who openly admits getting his teams to cheat and believes that the FA Cup isn’t an important enough trophy for a Spurs team that have won nothing but a league cup in the last 10 years, no FA Cup in 17 years and no league title in 57 years.

He also doesn’t think that Spurs should be judged on their lack of trophies while claiming that a club that has spent £341m in the last five seasons will never ‘buy’ their way to trophies because they will deserve them.

“People that understand football very well know that this project is a project that is very exciting because we are not a club that are going to buy trophies, we are a club that is going to deserve trophies.

“That for me is why people show frustration because they think we deserve trophies that we do not achieve.”

Just take a moment and imagine when Arsenal were in the middle of their trophy drought (which never lasted as long as Spurs current one which passed 10 years with barely a ripple in the media) that Arsene Wenger had said this.

That his side ‘deserve’ trophies.

Yeah. Exactly.