Ray Parlour believes that Arsenal will not get rid of Arsene Wenger until performances on the pitch start to affect the club’s balance sheet.

Arsenal head to Milan knowing that another poor away-day showing will leave their season close to the abyss.

Should Milan knock Arsenal out of Europe’s less prestigious competition that would mean no Champions League qualification for the second year running. We all know top our is never going to happen.

It would also be the first time that Wenger has failed to hit any of his targets for the season. He will have neither won a trophy nor qualified for the Champions League.

“Kroenke is not a football fan,” Parlour told talkSport. “He has not been brought up to enjoy football, he’s more into American football and has his franchises in America.

“He is at Arsenal for one reason – to make money.

“Not being in the Champions League will affect them because they’re losing out on so much revenue, but whether that’s going to change anything…

“As long as the balance sheets are looking good, I don’t think he’s too worried about what happens (on the pitch).”

Parlour also expressed his sympathy for us fans, adding, “They were promised Arsenal would compete with the best when they moved to the Emirates Stadium, but other teams have gone forward and have got better.

“Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, they’ve all gone forward while Arsenal have stayed the same or got worse.

“So that is the big worry for Arsenal fans at the moment, I can understand why they’re so frustrated.”

This is something I looked at in more detail a few days ago, how the Emirates crushed the very dreams it was meant to enable. You can read that here.