Manchester United fans think Martin Keown has an agenda against Jose Mourinho, after a number of articles about the Portuguese manager losing the dressing room.

Earlier this week, one United supporter pointed out that over the last few months, Keown has written multiple articles on exactly the same point.

That point is that there are warning signs that Mourinho’s time with his current club is going roughly the same way as it did with Real Madrid and Chelsea in the past.

The Mail and Metro conveniently released those articles right after disappointing results for United. The first one came when the team drew three consecutive league games in December. The most recent after Mourinho’s side’s elimination from Europe.

For some United fans, this was enough to prove Keown’s agenda against the manager.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “It’s no secret that this guy is an ABU (anyone but United) through and through. He hates JM for what he’s done to Wenger and is bitter…I don’t understand how he gets regular airtime, the guy is a biased p***k.”

Another wrote: “I remember him commentating on the Man Utd vs Yeovil game. Very clearly had an agenda against Utd and Mourinho. Came across as a bitter c**t. It was laughable.”

The replies on Twitter were just as angry:

Does Keown really have an anti-United agenda though?

Some United fans pointed out it’s not exactly a ridiculous claim for Keown to make. After all, it is starting to look like there are problems in the United dressing room. Plus, it’s not like the 51-year-old has any reason to sugar coat things:

If Keown really does have something against the Manchester United manager, it’s not hard to see where the bad blood comes from.

The former Gunner had plenty of high-profile clashes with the club over the years, including that famous incident with Ruud van Nistelrooy:

We get enough of these headlines ourselves from most pundits, so long may Keown keep riling them up.