Bordeaux star and Arsenal target Malcom wants to move to a big club, and he’s learning English to try and make that dream a reality.

Malcom told Sky Sports that a transfer to an ‘elite’ club would improve his chances of achieving his footballing goals, like winning the Champions League and playing for the Brazilian national team. He says he’ll discuss his options with everyone involved at the end of the season.

“I want to play for an elite club in Europe, win the Champions League and play for the Selecao,” he explained. “When I play for a big club, my chances improve.

“I want to thank Bordeaux for everything. First I want to finish the season with the best possible result and then I am going to sit down with my agent and family. Together we will make a decision.”


The 21-year-old then admitted he’s even learning English to make the transition as straight-forward as possible. With all the links to Arsenal and Tottenham in January, it’s unlikely that’s a coincidence.

“I am learning English, because it is the most important language in the world,” he said. “Wherever you are, with English you can get along. So that is very important for me.

“I have learned the language very quickly, had no big troubles. French was much more difficult. So I would manage to live in England.”

Malcom recently told the media a move to Arsenal, Tottenham or Bayern Munich is his ‘dream’. However, it’s clear he favours a move to Germany. The media have linked him to Bayern in the past, and Malcom is clearly excited by the prospect.

“Bayern is one of the biggest clubs in the world. That would be a dream come true, to play there one day,” he said. “Everyone knows Bayern Munich. It makes me happy, that they consider me.

“I will continue to work hard, so – who knows – a transfer might become reality some time.”

Are Bayern really interested though?

Unfortunately for Malcom, and perhaps fortunately for Arsenal, it doesn’t seem like the Bayern links are genuine. The manager of German league leaders Jupp Heynckes gave a very dismissive response when asked about the player.

“I have never seen him play,” he said. “Therefore, I am not able give an opinion on him. But I don’t think there is interest here. He always gets put into the shopping window but nobody really goes after him.”

If Bayern really were after the winger, and just wanted to keep it quiet, Heynckes could’ve given a much more diplomatic answer. Implying that no one really wants Malcom isn’t the best way to keep him friendly.

I think it’s therefore safe to say those rumours are fairly baseless for now.