Stan and Josh Kroenke won’t make an emotionally-driven decision on the future of Arsene Wenger, despite the emotive nature of football and its fans.

Last summer, the fans who wanted Wenger out were mostly subdued by the news of a two-year contract extension. Many of the high-profile social media personalities suggested it was best to set aside any differences and come together for the new season.

Over the course of the campaign, that sentiment slowly disintegrated.

Now, with Arsenal sixth in the league, out of the cups and clinging onto the Europa League as their only Champions League hope, those supporters are back to calling for change, booing at matches, holding up banners and so on.

Based on interviews earlier in the season, however, it seems the Kroenkes don’t want to let that sort of thing influence them.

“From my dad’s advice, it’s important to take the emotion out of decisions” explained Josh Kroenke in the Telegraph. “If you are making decisions with emotion then they can come back to haunt you in the future.”

“We always evaluate,” his father, Stan, added. “When you make decisions like that you are weighing lots of different factors. They (the fans) are passionate about the club, they have the right to their thoughts, their opinions. The only part I worry about is how it affects the players and the coaching staff.”

In many ways, if what they say is true, it’s no bad thing. Football fans are often liable to turn on people after the smallest mistake, and that’s especially true for managers.

Who knows if Pep Guardiola would’ve survived his trophyless season last year if supporters decided his fate? Liverpool fans sometimes turned on Jurgen Klopp in 2016/17, but now they’re playing some of their best football in years.

The problem is, right now it’s starting to look like keeping Wenger is the emotional decision.

Looking at the financial input and results on the pitch, Arsenal are well behind even just a few years ago.

If he remains in charge despite that, it’s hard to take the Kroenkes at their word.

We’ll see what they decide come May.

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