Juventus general manager, Giuseppe Marotta, believes that Max Allegri is happy at the club amid strong reports that he is wanted at Arsenal.

It was recently claimed in the media that Allegri is Ivan Gazidis’s first choice to replace Arsene Wenger should he leave this summer.

It was claimed that the Italian’s win over Tottenham in the Champions League convinced the Arsenal chief exec that Allegri was the man for the job but that seems a tad ridiculous.

One two-legged tie is never going to decide anything for anyone and if Gazidis didn’t like Allegri before, I hardly think one tie would change his mind.

Anyway, it’s all a moot point as we know Arsene Wenger, who will get to make his own decision about his own future, isn’t going anywhere this summer.

From the sounds of it, neither is Allegri.

“Allegri has a contract with us for many years,” Marotta told ANSA.

“The relationship with him is excellent, we are still one of the most important clubs in the world and there are no indications [he wants to leave] so it’s not a problem for us.”

Allegri is under contract with Juve until 2020, the year after Wenger’s contract expires.

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