Steve Bould struggles to influence training at Arsenal, according to former teammate Lee Dixon.

Dixon was speaking to fans at the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust AGM on Monday. He suggested Bould doesn’t get the opportunities he needs to help fix the team’s defensive issues.

“Bouldy does get to do some stuff in training, but not as much as he would like,” he said.

“Arsene went through a period of allowing him to do a little bit more. There was recognition in the press that Arsenal looked a bit more solid. Then it all went away.”

Dixon then went on to imply that even when Bould does get the chance to teach the players, he can’t always get his messages across.

The 53-year-old recalled a recent conversation between the pair about Hector Bellerin:

“I said to Bouldie, ‘You’ve got to sort Bellerin out he’s doing my head in! Why is he making runs ahead of the forwards when there’s no ball on?’

“Bouldie said ‘I’ve told him’. So I said ‘f****** tell him again!”

You have to take these comments with a pinch of salt to an extent. Dixon was speaking to a largely anti-Wenger audience, so you’d expect him to play up to their expectations a bit.

Personally I doubt Wenger would see defensive improvements and then decide to take Bould’s coaching opportunities away. That wouldn’t really help anyone, including the manager himself. The only reason to do so is if Arsenal’s attack was suffering as a result.

Whatever the truth is, it’s clear the assistant manager isn’t getting through to the players.

We can see that on the pitch every matchday.

Either that needs to change, or Arsenal need to bring in someone else.

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