Arsenal fans aren’t happy with William Gallas, after the former defender’s comments about the team in their 3-0 defeat to Manchester City.

On of the main criticisms of Arsenal’s performance on the night was that they didn’t show any fight. Following the match, Gallas told French outlet SFR: “If I go into that dressing room right now, things would get spicy.”

In general, Arsenal fans have been open to hearing considered media criticism of the team. After all, they’re as disappointed as anyone to watch their side collapse for the third time in a week.

In Gallas’s case though, supporters didn’t want to hear it.

The centre-back’s most notable contribution at Arsenal was sulking on the pitch after a 2-2 draw against Birmingham.

He was then stripped of the club captaincy after publicly criticising his teammates and accusing them of lacking bravery and disrupting morale.

Clearly fans haven’t forgotten all that:

Perhaps Gallas should think about barricading his glass house the next time he wants to throw stones.

Hearing about Arsenal’s lack of fight from the likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira is one thing, but at least, in their case, we’ve seen years of proof that they would battle for every point if they were on the pitch themselves.

Gallas’s past suggests precisely the opposite.