It’s not an easy time to be an Arsenal fan.

Not only are the team’s chances of finishing in the top four for the second season running looking worse and worse, Wenger’s men are playing appallingly.

The calls for Arsene Wenger, the man who’s seen Arsenal through 22 years of highs and lows, to resign have never been louder and the majority of it is coming from the fans. The same fans that have loved him dearly for two decades.

With the state of the club in such disarray, you can kind of understand why some fans have taken a step back from football.

Honestly, even though I still follow and support the team, if my job wasn’t to write about Arsenal, I probably would have too.

Watching defeat after defeat can get pretty depressing and if it’s having a negative effect on your life, it’s only sensible to take a step back.

However, the vast majority of Gooners are still hanging in there, waiting for times to change.

Here are the five types of Arsenal fan left in 2018:

1Wenger in… still

Arsene Wenger

Wenger has brought Arsenal back from the brink of crisis countless times during his reign. Admittedly, these times have mostly been during the later years.

There was the time when Spurs somehow managed to get beaten 5-1 by Newcastle on the final day of the season, allowing Arsenal to take second in the Premier League table despite being awful that term.

There have been numerous nightmare starts to the campaign, which Wenger has always managed to motivate his team to bounce back from.

In 2011/12, Arsenal were forced to play a severely weakened starting XI against Manchester United at Old Trafford due to injuries and they lost 8-2 – a scoreline that still haunts fans to this day. Yet, Wenger still managed to raise Arsenal up the third in the Premier League table come May.

Until last season, no matter what blips Arsenal encountered, they would always have that Champions League spot. Even if they really had to work for it.

Therefore, you can sort of understand the fans who still believe that Wenger is the right man for the job and the right man to turn this horror show of a season back around.

They want Wenger to stay at Arsenal and see out his contract because he’s turned it around before – why can’t he do it again?

My opinion is that, since last season, when Arsenal failed to finish in the top four for the first time in two decades, something changed. The players stopped performing for Wenger and there was no progress on the pitch.

Still, there are fans who still think Wenger knows best.

Next up, the Wenger out Veterans

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