Ian Wright believes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doesn’t need to touch the ball many times so long as he scores goals.

Aubameyang is a poacher, and is known for doing his best work almost entirely in the opposition penalty area.

In an Arsenal team that’s always happy to keep the ball, this could result in the striker not getting too involved in the build-up play.

Ian Wright, though, doesn’t view this as a problem.

He feels that as long as Arsenal play to Aubameyang’s strengths, he can get away with not having many touches of the ball.

“It’s been mentioned about Aubameyang not having enough touches in matches,” Wright told BBC Radio 5 live (via the Metro).

“He can get away with that.

“If he stays right at the top there and let him get on with it, then why do you want touches when you’ve got Ozil, Mkhitaryan and all those players?

“You can stay on the edge and not touch it.

“If Arsenal can play to his strengths, he’s that kind of player who could have four touches and score four goals.”

Aubameyang managed only 25 touches of the ball during his debut against Everton. Still, he managed to get on the score sheet and frequently took up good positions.

There will be times when Arsenal aren’t playing well and Aubameyang will be anonymous. That’s something of an occupational hazard of being a striker.

A lack of involvement in the build-up was an accusation often thrown at Theo Walcott during his time at the club. Like Aubameyang, he was a player who relied on good service.

It’s pivotal that Arsenal work out a way of feeding their main striker, otherwise Aubameyang is going to struggle.