Emi Martinez has offered a rather feeble explanation for Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat to Manchester City.

The image of a young Arsenal fan crying during his team’s humiliating Carabao Cup defeat to City this weekend went viral after Gary Neville, who was match commentator, used him as an example of how let-down fans felt by the players.

Emi Martinez, who’s currently on loan at Getafe, has used the image of the crying child on his own personal Instagram account, claiming that ‘we’ felt the same as him. Presumably, he means the Arsenal players, despite the 25-year-old being in Spain.

Personally, the goalkeeper’s response feels a little strange. Even though Martinez isn’t currently anywhere near Arsenal’s first team, the flippant ‘you win some you lose some’ mentality that most of Arsene Wenger’s squad seem to have adopted in recent years is exactly why the team don’t appear to care.

Plus, when do we ever ‘win some’ these days?

While other fans are applauding Martinez for speaking up, I can’t help but feel his message is a little empty. Maybe I’m just dead inside.

Arsenal’s final against City was a chance to regain some dignity after another terrible season. Even though most of us didn’t hold out much hope in the way of a result, a performance would have been enough. All we wanted was for the players to turn up – and they didn’t.

There’s no way the players felt anything close to what that child was experiencing and to suggest otherwise is just plain insulting.