After Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s disappointing performance in the North London derby on Saturday, Manchester United fans took to Twitter to smugly proclaim they were right about him.

At Wembley, Mkhitaryan was nowhere near the levels he reached against Everton the previous week.

He misplaced a number of crosses and passes, and didn’t create a single chance before his early substitution.

Compared to the hat-trick of assists he provided at the Emirates, the playmaker hardly hit first gear creatively in the derby.

United fans were very keen to jump in and tell the Arsenal fans they’d told them so:

As poor as Mkhitaryan was against Spurs for 65 minutes on Saturday, United supporters are forgetting that Alexis Sanchez was just as bad for the entire match against Spurs on January 31st.

The Chilean couldn’t find his target with any of his crosses, and he also didn’t create a single chance.

Sanchez didn’t take a single shot that day at Wembley. He lost 62% of his duels and Spurs dispossessed him five times. Overall his game was pretty much identical to the Armenian’s, maybe even worse.

If United fans think one game against Tottenham proves them right about Mkhitaryan, Arsenal fans can say exactly the same about Sanchez.

The reality is you can’t judge a player based on one match, but it seems no one wants to hear that.