Arsene Wenger believes Mauricio Pochettino has done a good job since arriving in the Premier League.

There are some parallels between Wenger and Pochettino.

One journalist during his pre-Tottenham press conferences attempted to highlight them by pointing out how both managers arrived in England as unknown quantities.

He then asked Wenger if he was surprised by how quickly Pochettino settled into English football, and how successful he has been.

Wenger, as always, gave a measured response.

“Yes and no, because I always think that when a player comes in certainly the club has done it’s homework and that he has some talent.

“He has proven that since he is here, so he has done a good job and that is what you want,” he said, as reported by Football London.

“You wish that every manager who comes into the Premier League will bring something special and will be capable of surviving in an environment that is very harsh and demanding.”

The question was reasonable, up until the point that the word “successful” was mentioned.

Success is relative to the team achieving it. Pochettino turning Spurs from top four pretenders to putting the pressure on title chasing teams is success for them.

Still, in a broader sense, it’s hard to label failed title challenges and zero trophies as a success.

It certainly wouldn’t be a success for Arsenal, who were constantly reminded of how many years they had gone without a trophy.

In Arsenal’s case, winning three FA Cups is barely even mentioned as decent success.

If winning actual silverware isn’t considered a success for a club, then is anything Pochettino done at Spurs really that successful?

Pochettino has done some excellent work at Southampton and at Tottenham, but right now, he has very little to show for it.